Treatment and Therapy Terms and Conditions
We’re here to help you experience the best in complimentary therapies and treatments. Our intention is to always manage our availability as fairly as possible for everyone who would like to spend time with us and have found our terms and conditions below the best way in which to do so. If you have any questions we are only a phone call or email away.
Need to cancel or amend your visit (Monday to Thursday)?
Should you need to cancel or amend your visit with us please contact us at least 48hrs prior to the date and time of your booking. We have some amazing therapists in our team here at Radiance Wellbeing and this time frame is in order for us to best manage their availability fairly for all of our visitors who wish to spend time with us. Please note that treatments not attended or treatments that need to be moved or cancelled within 48hrs of your visit date will not be refunded. 
Need to cancel or amend your visit (Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday)?
Due to the popularity of these days, dates and times, bookings made for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday require a full 7 days notice to be amended or cancelled; a booking made for Saturday the 14th for example would be able to be amended, cancelled or moved up until 6pm on Friday the 6th. This would therefore give a full 7 days notice. Bookings that are cancelled within this time frame for these days will not be refunded.
Therapy and Treatment Fees
All of our therapy and treatment fees shown are inclusive of VAT. Extra treatments will be charged at the rates shown by Radiance Wellbeing Limited at its premises. Pre-booked additional treatments will be charged at the rate current on the date of booking. The date of booking shall be accepted as that recorded by the company.
Online Bookings
Due to a change in policy from PayPal we are no longer able to offer a full refund for bookings made online using this service. Previously, as a ‘Seller’ transaction to a 'Buyer' when making refunds only had the transaction fee attached with the commission fee being returned to the 'Seller'. This means that when we receive fees via PayPal we pay a transaction fee and a commission fee, the commission fee would be returned to us when processing a refund and we would forfeit the transaction fee. Due to a change in policy when processing refunds via PayPal commission fees will no longer be returned to the 'Seller'. This means that a £49.95 treatment that is refunded will cost Radiance Wellbeing £1.90 to receive and further transaction fees to refund. From midnight on the 19th of July 2019 any payments made in this way that require refunding at a later date (and are in line with our cancellations and amendements policy) will have the commission fees deducted before payment is returned. Radiance Wellbeing will continue to forfeit the transaction fee for processing the refund however and this will not be passed to the 'Buyer'.  
Severe weather
In cases where severe weather prevents you from travelling to us in order to attend you treatment booking we will of course do everything reasonable that we can to help. An amber weather warning must be in place either in your home location where you are travelling from or at our location in Bath as defined by the Met Office for us to consider a change to your booking outside of the normal cancellation policy as noted above. Treatments that are unable to be attended due to severe weather will not be refunded but we will do our best to offer you an alternative date and time within 12 weeks of your original booking. Bookings that are not rescheduled within 12 weeks of the original date will not be refunded and will expire. 
Treatments booked between 7th of December and 31st of December...
Treatments booked between these dates are excluded from all usual cancellation or amendment terms. Due to the high demand for treatments throughout the festive period all bookings from (and inclusive of) the 7th of December until (and inclusive of) the 31st of December 2019 are non-refundable. Should we be able to accommodate amendments we will do this where possible however, should it not be possible to amend your booking it will not be refundable should you require us to cancel it on your behalf. 
Please let us know as soon as you can if you are not feeling well enough to attend your treatment. If you're treatment is arranged for a date outside of our usual cancellation timeframes, then we will cancel this straight away for you and look forward to seeing you when you are feeling better. If your treatment is within the cancellation window, the relevant cancellation policy will apply (Monday to Thursday or Friday, Saturday & Sunday). Whilst we understand these circumstances are unforeseen and that notice may not have been possible, Radiance Wellbeing will not be liable for the cost of missed treatments due to refund based upon illness.  
Gift Vouchers
If you have a redeemable gift voucher, please make your booking by telephone or in person. This will also allow us to answer easily any questions you may have regarding recommendations. Gift vouchers are issued to a value which may be used towards full or part payment of any therapy treatment or treatment collection. All gift vouchers that have not been redeemed within 12 months from the purchase date will automatically expire. Gift vouchers are non-refundable once purchased. Radiance Wellbeing accepts no liability for gift vouchers that are lost and as such they will not be replaced. Please note, where a gift voucher has been used to make a treatment booking that these bookings are subject to the same terms and conditions regarding the booking as set out above. Gift Vouchers cannot be used towards the purchase of retail items. 
Personal Information
During your time with us we will complete a thorough consultation with you to ensure that we take in to account all of your needs (for example; allergies & medical history). We will also ask you for your personal details such as your full name, a contact number, your home address and date of birth among others. We hold this information for 7 years in line with the regulations, legal requirements and guidelines we must observe in order to operate in the industry we work within. These guidelines are influenced by our local authority, governing bodies we work with and wish to remain a part of and others are legal requirements. The Data Protection Act gives you the right to ask any organisation not to hold or use information about you that causes you substantial unwarranted damage or distress. We will never ask you for any information that we do not require to be fully compliant with any of our local authority, legal or governing body requirements. Information that we hold about you will not be destroyed if it is deemed to be necessary to carry out any legal obligation that applies to the organisation in line with the data protection act 1998. We will never share you information and any other information discussed with your therapist that does not form part of a legal, governing body or local authority requirement is covered by a separate confidentiality agreement that we operate in the organisation. We value your privacy as much as you and as such will always operate with nothing less than the highest integrity when it comes to the handling off your private information. 
Discount Vouchers
Discount vouchers are valid against the full booking price only. Where an incentive or discount has already been applied vouchers may not be used in addition. 


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